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Personal Accident Dismemberment

FWD proudly presents Personal Accidental Plan for lower premium and highest covered. This plan is available for insured age: 20 - 60 years (expand to 70 years). It covers 24 hours around the world whether you work, travel, relax at home or do any activities. You can select the plan that it is suitable for you. Each plan has a different covered amount and premium. Moreover, it provides the emergency help from SOS for you

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insurance premium starts at only 2.60 baht per day
with the highest benefit and privilege from SOS
with more than 300 hospital network nationwide

  • Benefits
  • Sum insured: 500,000 THB - 2,000,000 THB
  • Medical Treatment
  • Insured age: 1 month 1 day - 60 years
  • Thai Health Care Card PA
  • Compensation Payment
  • Death
  • Loss limbs and sight
  • Total permanent disability
  • Murder or Assault
  • Death from motorcycle accident
    1. Conditions

    1. Insured age: 1 - 60 years as of last birthday (expand to 70 years)

    1. Total sum insured not over 10 times of income per year

  1. Maximum sum insured 1,000,000 baht for issue ages between 61 and 70 years
    • Claim Payment

    • Pay 100% of sum insured amount in case of

    • Loss of life or Total permanent disability

    • Loss of pairs of legs or arms or eye sight

  • Loss one leg + one arm or one leg + one eye sight or one arm + one eye sight. Pay 60% of sum insured amount in case loss one leg or one arm or sight in one eye.
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Price: 950THB/Year

Death or Loss of limbs and sight
500,000 THB
Total permanent disability
500,000 THB
Murder or Assault
250,000 THB
Death from motorcycle accident
250,000 THB

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